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The New Compact Allrounder

Richter Reha Technik electrical wheelchair BOLT

The Electrical Wheelchair BOLT is a freshly designed and compact allrounder, usable in- and outdoors.

It has a very small turning circle, which allows easy manoeuvring in narrow rooms.

Additionally the BOLT has a uniqe supsension system both in front and behind, what causes a good and safe ride.

Richter Reha Technik electrical wheelchair BOLT safe driving Richter Reha Technik electrical wheelchair BOLT personal adaptation Richter Reha Technik electrical wheelchair BOLT everyday use Richter Reha Technik electrical wheelchair BOLT comfort and G-Module “NEW”

Safe driving

  • A rear-driven wheelchair with passive steered front wheels in compact design.
  • Caused by the well selected wheel sizes, all situations can be easily mastered.
  • The R-Net control is the most widely used control worldwide and offers a very good and simple handling.
  • The extension with our iPortal allows you to control your environment with a simple joystick command. 

Personal adaptation

  • The “R-Net” controller allows numerous special controlling op- tions such as chin control, suction/blow, running light control and others.
  • An enhanced version up to 280 kg user weight can be ordered. 
  • We can offer you customized constructions and individual seat systems. 

Everyday use

  • The LED lighting is standard and offers the highest level of safety when participating in road transport.
  • The extra strong power engines are among the biggest stage of development, which is used in this compact vehicle class. 

Comfort and G-Module

  • The chassis is equipped with a so-called parallel spring system on the front wheels.
  • It minimizes the negative steering response. A double wishbone system is used on the rear wheels.
  • The G-Module gives the BOLT a unique trackstability in many driving situations. No wheel spin on slants for more freedom when driving. 

Watch the BOLT on YouTube: