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The Outdoor Specialist

Richter Reha Technik electrical wheelchair Titan

The Titan really feels good driving outdoors in rough terrain, as he can handle nearly every ground with its big rear wheels and its strong motors. At the same time it can easily be used indoors because of its unique steering system.

This electrical wheelchair combines newest innovations and is the first wheelchair with a transaxial all-wheel steering, which allows a safe handling of sharp curves.

special equipment

Richter Reha Technik Elektrorollstuhl Titan Recaro Sitzsysteme

Recaro seats

Richter Reha Technik Elektrorollstuhl Titan tiefenverstellbare Kopfstütze

depth-adjustable head-rest

Richter Reha Technik Elektrorollstuhl Titan Schnittstelle iPod und IPhone

serial interface “iPortal” for iPod Touch and iPhone


Richter Reha Technik Elektrorollstuhl Titan
Smallest turning circle 129cm // 50.8 Inches
Empty product weight 140 kg (Depending on type)
Maximum Load Capacity 200kg User weight; optional 250 kg
Power Wattage 2 Electric motors per 24V / 320Watts; integrated gearbox
Batteries 2 Maintenance-free batteries per 60Ah standard; optional maintenance-free batteries 80Ah
Range Weight and topography-dependent
Steering Electronically controlled; on the drive wheels
Incline Capability 20 (depending on the weight)
Brakes Automatic braking systems
Tire Sizes Rear: Pneumatic tires 4.00 , -8;
front: Pneumatic tires 3.00 /2.50 - 4 (optional with 3.00 -6 Front tires)
Illumination LED-headlights, front and rear LED-indicators, LED-taillight, hazard warning lights
Overall width 66cm // 26 Inches
Armrests length 26cm // 10.3 Inches
Footplates length 19cm // 7.5 Inches
  With Standard Seat With Recaro Seat
Width 38 – 50cm // 15 – 19.7 Inches 38 – 45cm // 15 – 17.7 Inches
Seat Depth 36 – 50cm // 14.2 – 19.7 Inches 47 – 55cm //18.5 – 21.7 Inches
Seat Height from 45cm // 17,7 Inches 47cm // 18,5 Inches
Overall Height 109cm // 43 Inches
(Top of backrest)
121cm // 47.6 Inches
(Top of backrest)
Overall Height (folded) 60cm // 23.6 Inches 90cm // 35.5 Inches
Overall Length
(without front Riggings)
95cm // 37.4 Inches 100cm // 39.4 Inches
Overall length
(with front Riggings)
109cm // 42.9 Inches 109cm // 42.9 Inches
Armrest Height
20 – 25cm // 7.9 – 9.9 Inches 20 – 30cm // 7.9 – 11.8 Inches
Armrest Adjustment (with suspended armrest) -45° – +45° -45° – +45°
Back Hight 55cm // 21.7 Inches ca. 60cm // ca. 23.6 Inches
Back Angle 70° – 120°
(via hole pattern)
70° – 90°
Richter Reha Technik electrical wheelchair Titan innovative technology Richter Reha Technik electrical wheelchair Titan modern communication Richter Reha Technik electrical wheelchair Titan easy in everyday usage Richter Reha Technik electrical wheelchair Titan individual comfort

Innovative technology:

  • Particularly sensitive TRANS axial all-wheel steering.
  • Independent suspension with double wishbone system.
  • Stabilizer System.
  • With guiding light system (cornering light).
  • Extremely maneuverable and track-stable.
  • Powerful, caused by the new DX2 90A control and 2 x 350W motors. 


Modern communication:

  • Modern, functional design.
  • DX 550 colour display with animated menu.
  • Complete LED lighting.
  • Individual colour possibilities without extra charge, as well as optional colour-decors, give each Titan his personal touch.
  • Cheap environment control system iPortal via iPhone or iPod touch. 

Easy in everyday usage:

  • Low seat height despite elevating upright function and electric adjustments (approaching tables).
  • Agile driving in the indoor area.
  • Particularly suitable for the terrain caused by large wheels. Can easily go over stronger gradients.

Individual comfort:

  • Adjustable oil pressure shock absorber suspension.
  • Adaptive seating systems and customised special constructions for obese patients.
  • A wide range of control possibi- lities and exact driving caused by the new DX2 dynamic control.
  • A reinforced version up to 350kg user weight can be ordered. 

Watch the Titan on YoutTube: www.youtube.com/user/Richterchannel